Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer days and sick days...

Well it is finally pretty warm here in Provo, and the skies are mostly blue. With the sun comes the swimming....We bought this plastic pool for the doggies and they love it! It is so hilarious to come outside and see them just sitting in the water. They know how to cool themselves off. Especially furry Atlas!

Atlas has had a rough week...He has been totally sick since we left for Colorado. And now a week after we return, he is finally coming around. After two visits to the vet, lots of money :(, still no answers. The doctor ruled out the major possibilities of things like parvo, giardia, large intsetine bugs or worms, etc... BUT couldn't find what was actually wrong with him. I have never had a dog so sick. Aaron and I were so worried about him. We fed him a bland diet and got him on some antibiotics. We also gave him Pepto which actually helped a ton! We kind of thought he might have eaten something and it got stuck inside somewhere creating a blockage. But today he is almost back to full health. Who knows what happened to the poor guy?? We tried our hardest to help him, but sometimes things just have to take their course. Meanwhile he got a nice bath and has been living it up inside with the a/c and fans.

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