Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well first off I have to write about my new shoes! They are so amazing. Here's the story behind them...

A couple of years ago my friend Kira and I turned some plain white slip on VANS into art work. It was so much fun. This time Kira took it into her own hands and created Masterpieces! She did such an amazing job on my new Vans that I don't even think I should wear them out! I will of course be wearing them in a month when Aaron and I go see one of our favorite music artists, Ray Lamontagne. We cannot wait for this trip, we get to go have some fun in Vegas! And my sister Jessica and her hubbie Jon are joining us as well.
Here are a few shots of my new kicks, hope you like them. If you're interested in getting a pair and have lots of fun ideas, let me know!

By the way this handsome man on my shoe is RAY LAMONTAGNE, love, love love him!!!!

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