Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gotta luv Saturdays, Farmers Markets, and being with my Aaron

Last Saturday Aaron and I had an amazing day. I am going to document it from start to finish. First off we hit the MAVERIK gas station. My absolutely favorite place before I go anywhere..HA HA

When we finally got to the Farmers Market, we hit every produce vendor there and bought fresh corn, zucchini, mexican squash, golden squash, raspberrries, goat milk ice cream, lime and mint lemonade, organic doggy treats, and anything else we could find. We had a great lunch there too. I forgot to take a picture of mine but it was so delicious. It was from a RAW vendor and it was a piece of bread with organic pesto, zucchini, olives, tomatoes, sprouts and leaves of some kind. It was amazing! Sometimes I just love eating in the RAW!

My amazing mint and lime refreshment. Yes it was hot outside and I do love a liquid diet!

Organic doggie treats. The pups love them!

Just a couple random pictures of interesting things you can find at a Farmers Market

After the Market, we took off to Solitude and hiked our favorite disc golf course. It was a gorgeous day and a good work out. We only spent a few holes looking for our discs that we threw into the trees. I'll tell you one thing, Aaron is sooooo good and he can throw the disc a mile! ha ha.  Here are some pics of our outing.

Here is my favorite disc...the Dragon!
Aaron's favorite disc...the Destroyer!

See the basket??

Last Hole...

And last, but not least we hit our favorite restaurant Citris Grill. Dinner was so appetizing. So to say the least Aaron and I had a pretty awesome day. After we ate we even had the energy to stop in and see our friends that have all moved into Saratoga Springs area. It was great!!

Pleased as punch, and with another DP :)

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