Monday, August 30, 2010

Dalley family weekend in Yellowstone

First stop
Two weekends ago Aaron and I headed out to Yellowstone National Park to play for the weekend with his family.  Yellowstone is such an amazing piece of our country. We saw lots of buffalo and deer and even baby Ospreys perched in their nest.

Mary Jayne, Necia, Lawson, and Maklain               
Hike to lower waterfalls  
This was another view of the waterfalls later on
Free Roaming Bison
Brenner and Maklain at Dragon's Breath..
Dragon's breath I believe was it's name was so amazing! It was a cave that would puff out gas and vapors. It looked very HOT!

Baby moose mad at all the cars...

Ada and Maklain taking a stroll through the Geysers

The Girls (my amazing sister in laws)! Cindy and Amy
This rainbow ended our day...the weather was so nice during our whole trip. Thanks Dalley's for the great weekend! and especially to Mark and Mary Jayne for doing so much to let us come. We really appreciate it!

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