Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's seriously been over a year since I've posted anything. Now there's baby Ro Ro

Rowan Aaron Dalley
Born 11/08/2013 at 5:30am
7.8 lbs and 21"

Thursday I walked around Walmart for an hour. I needed to move my legs and it was too cold to take a walk outside. I kept saying to myself, "I feel like he's going to come any day now." I was still a few weeks away from my due date, but I was feeling it. I was having a hard time getting around, couldn't sleep, and very achy all the time. This pregnancy was definitely harder than my first. I was so sick for the first five months, then that went away and turned into Restless Legs and no sleep. I couldn't wait to have this baby.
At 11:15pm I went to bed. I just laid there. Immediately I started having contractions. They were about every 7 minutes or so. They weren't that bad at first. Within one hour they were back to back and killing me. I ran into the bathroom, my water broke. We called Aaron's sister to come stay at our house so we could leave Olivia home in bed. She was there in 15 minutes, and we headed for the hospital. I couldn't believe it was happening. Really happening again. We were going to have a baby boy very soon. We got to the hospital and it took about an hour to finally get an epidural. Wow what a relief. I made it. The rest would be smooth sailing. I was dialated to a 5 already, then a 7 within half an hour.  I was pretty restless for a couple hours and couldn't let the epidural just work it's magic. I wanted to move my legs and sit up. I was starting to freak out about not being able to move them. Finally I relaxed and slept in the hospital bed for about an hour. Aaron laid down on the pull out couch in the corner. He was breathing very heavily because he was so tired. My nurse was amazing. She was with me the whole time and helped me relax. I told her she could not leave her shift until I had this baby. She had to be there with my until the end! So she checked me. I was dialated to about a 10 so she called the doctor in to get started. I'm in labor. Poof it's over. One push, his head came out. Two pushes he was out! I couldn't believe how easy it was. I felt immediate relief of not being pregnant anymore. I was thrilled to not be pregnant one more second :) Rowan was breathing really fast so I laid him on my chest to warm him and calm him down. He was so sweet and handsome. He soon calmed down and was whisked from my arms to go get cleaned up. Meanwhile, I'm getting sewn up a little and my nurse and I are playing with my placenta. Literally. We picked it up and put it in a pan and she went over the whole organ with me showing me what it's all about. I loved it! It was so gross and weird, but yet it was the womb that carried my baby all those months and protected him. Don't judge. Then I got moved into my room to relax. I immediatley started texting and calling everyone at 6 in the morning to let them all know we had our baby. Our family could not believe it. He was 3 weeks early! My mom cried. The hospital stay was very nice and easy. I felt completely different than I did with Olivia. I was in so much pain afterwards with her, I wanted to die. With Rowan, I felt great. I couldn't believe it. I was ready to leave the hospital as soon as I could. Aaron stayed with me both nights, while Grandma Mary brought Olivia over each day to see us and baby Ro Ro. She was indifferent at first. Well for the first few days anyways. Now she loves him to death and is always helping with him.
I am so thankful for this little guy and cannot wait to watch him grow up.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Olivia is 7 months old

Precious moments...

Olivia is now a little over 7 months old, and I can barely leave her for one minute. She is just so sweet that I can't stand to be away from her. I love her and her adorable little chubby cheeks. This picture was taken on Sunday right before church. Yellow is my favorite color on her. 
I really do love raspberries!
Olivia loves every kind of fruit there is so far. She loves sucking on everything. Hence the red face!

That's right, I'm adorable
These are new pj's I bought for Olivia from Baby Gap for like $6. What a deal! They have the cutest little undies/shorts that go with them.

New pj's
Love her smile! We are just hanging out on Mom's bed playing together. We just woke up and she was already laughing and smiling...Meanwhile I'm ready to go back to sleep. haha

1st walker

Sportin the new shades in the pool!
What can I say about this picture! We were at my friend's Tacy 's apartment pool . All of us got sun burned pretty bad except Olivia! thank goodness I put so much sunscreen on her. Honestly though, she didn't love the sunglasses unfortunately..

At 7 months Olivia is now always sitting up. She moves all over her crib at night, but no crawling. She still hates being on her stomach, but she's getting the idea to use her hands to push her up. She rolls over from her stomach to her back and only once the other way around. She LOVES TOYS!! I think she is so smart learning how to use them all. Her favorite toy is the fake remote control that makes all sorts of noises. She also loves banging everything together to make her music.
Her and Bael (the dog) still don't know what to do with each other...they just stare and sniff each other. Olivia is always watching him run around the house, and Bael just misses our attention. haha
It's amazing how good of a baby Olivia is. I will tell her one day when she's a teenager how she used to be so happy and content! Heavenly Father truly blessed us with this amazing daughter.

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's been six months!

Olivia is a little over six months old now! It is getting harder to know that she's not a tiny baby anymore, but a little person trying to grow up. She has gone through some growth spurts and personality changes that I have to blog or I will forget everything!

 4 months:
Her hair is growing in now in the front..not so bald. She has been smiling and cooing for a while now. She still loves being held and rocked to sleep. She loves having her face slightly covered by her favorite blankee which is one made by Grandma Carice. It has pink owls on one side, and pink and black Polk a dots on the other side. This side is silky, which Olivia loves! And she loves to hold onto it and roll it in between her fingers. She still loves a bin-key. It's the only way to fall asleep at night. People say this is a problem, but I love how it immediately soothes her and she can suck the night away! haha. Olivia loves going to daycare and loves being around all the other kids. She now wants to play with every kid she sees! She is very interactive with her toys, and putting everything into her mouth. At four months she even tried baby food, and took to it right away. I was very surprised. Her favorite time is bath time still and she loves splashing around.

5 months:

Olivia is still sleeping through the night. She eats about one meal of baby food a day, and still loves her bottle. She is wearing 6 month pajamas already because she is so long. The only problem is she is only 12.5 pounds and super slim. So things are fitting her funny. Her pants are 3 months, her pj's six months, her dresses 3 months, and her onesies are 3-6 months fitting. She had a really long lasting cold this month with a very wet cough. It always woke her up at night and in the morning there was always a coughing fit. She doesn't seem to let it get her down though. :) She eats between 6-7 ounces of milk every feeding. Olivia loves her toys even more now! She loves being on the floor mat with jungle gym above her. She grabs her feet and is always sticking them in her mouth. She still hates being on her tummy though..Her hair is very wispy (like old man hair), but I think it's getting curlier. She has no teeth coming in. Thank goodness!
Olivia loves her daddy and her mommy very much. She doesn't like it when they leave her behind to go on a date ever! She likes to throw a fit every time. Poor Grandma... Olivia loves when her dad plays with her and lets her pull on his beard all the time. She loves being outside and just watching everything move. She is very curious about things already and wanting to grab it all with her little hands. She has daddy's long fingers and eyes. Her eyes are a beautiful grey, green, brown. We are wondering how they will end up. Olivia is very mild natured for the most part. She will just hang out with us when she is fed and happy. She loves to smile and laugh at everything you do. She will pose for the camera every time! It's hilarious!

6 months:
Her hair is definitely lightening up. She is getting more of it, but it is still pretty thin and wavy. Her eyes are more gorgeous then ever. We can't stop staring at them. Olivia did amazing at her six month check up. She is on the low percentile for weight, average for length, and apparently a big head! She must be smart! She weighs 14.2 pounds, and is about two feet long. She barely cried during her shots, and immediately smiled when I picked her up. I was so proud! Because I had literally being worried about this appointment all week...It kills me to have her shots done. Every mom knows this pain.
Olivia can sit up on her own, and occasionally falls over when she loses her balance. She was very determined to sit up while we took a vacation to Tucson to see my family. It was just me and her, and we had a lot of fun bonding time. It feels so good to know your baby needs you. She went swimming for her first time! She loves the water, a natural water baby like the Stoner family. She just splashed and played all day everyday. She also loves to swing. Aaron and I still need to get her a swing of her own.

Livi is now going through some sort of growth spurt or change. She is now waking up at 330-4am every morning, and really struggles to want to go back to sleep after her bottle. She is making us more sleep deprived by the minute! LOL. She is a little wiggle worm and hates to be confined now. She always wants to sit up and see everything. She still lets us rock her to sleep and snuggle for kisses, but she is definitely becoming more of a toddler. She likes to roll over back and forth from tummy to back. She loves kicking her feet on you, and chewing everything. She grabs anything and everything and shoves it in her mouth. It's so funny! I let her make a mess every time she eats, and then she gets a bath. She is eating at least two meals a day now of baby food with snacks and bottles in between. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes and pickles! It's truly disgusting. She still laughs and smiles at everything, but she definitely has to be the center of attention at all times. It is very hard on me to never be able to turn away...but I'm getting through it. haha. She is beginning to hate the car seat and arches her back when I try to load her up. It's crazy how she knows what's going on. She loves when Daddy walks in the door after work, and she just loves to be in our arms most of the time. 

Well Olivia is our spoiled little girl, but is loves by so many. We are so grateful for you baby!! Some day you will be the best big sister to a little sibling. We hope not too far out. Olivia is my greatest blessing and has been a big challenge. I thought I wouldn't make it there for a while in the first couple of months. It was so hard adjusting to being a mom. The mom world is so different than anything else, and there's no turning back! But once you're here, you wouldn't leave it for anything. Children are so amazing, and I would die without my sweet Olivia. Love you!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Seriously...I love her!

I just want to post some pictures of sweet Olivia today. I haven't been keeping up on my blog at all! Olivia Mae is such a joy in our lives, and I cannot say it enough :) We love you froggy!
With Daddy

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luv my toys


Easter morning

Everything goes in my mouth of course


luv leg warmers

So happy!

Not so happy..sour apple face

Hi mom!


Too sweet :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Olivia's Blessing

Blessing dress 12 weeks

Olivia Mae was blessed on February 5th in our ward. Aaron did such a great job with the blessing and we are so thankful to all our family who came to support us. Aaron was pretty nervous that day, but he was amazing. We had a big lunch afterwards at our house for the family and some close friends. My mom drove up to be with us too, and it was great to have her there. Olivia wore a blessing dress borrowed from her cousin Avery. It is very long and beautiful. I bought her the headband with blue flowers, just to make her even prettier. What a great day! We are so lucky to have Olivia in our lives. She has been so wonderful, and always makes us smile. Her little personality is coming out more and more each week, and she can really be a firecracker sometimes! Especially when she wants her bottle! Other than that, she has a gentle spirit and is very quiet and mild tempered.
She is almost 16 weeks old, and changing so fast. She has learned to use her hands more, and always grabbing at everything and sucking on her little fingers. She loves toys, and tv still.... She likes to hold her bottle when she eats, and your fingers when she falls asleep. She loves to lie on her back and experience the world around her, and she never lets you sit down. She always wants to be walking around in your arms.
Her favorite thing is still the bath, and now blowing spit bubbles. She will chat herself to sleep in the car seat too. We love her so much, and she is so precious, I can barely put her down. I just want to kiss her sweet cheeks every second. She loves to laugh and smile every time you look at her.

I love how cute she is when she sleeps...

15 weeks

Friday, February 3, 2012

Olivia pics at 11 weeks

Just a few pictures from the last week or so. The first one with Olivia and her cousin Harper are a few weeks old. Here Harper is a week old, and Livi is about 7 weeks. Harper is so sweet, and Olivia loves having cousins her own age :)
Everyday Livi is getting brighter, cuter, and has more personality by the minute. She definitely loves to try and play with things now, and kick her feet all the time. She also just stares at her hands trying to figure out what do with them. She is getting a lot stronger with holding her head up by herself, but still not quite there yet. Soon she'll be ready for the bumbo. Olivia is growing a lot of hair in front, and it is lightening up a little bit. She still has dark blue eyes though. We are wondering when those will change, if they do. Olivia's favorite thing is still bath time and going for rides in the car.

Cousins Olivia & Harper

Uncle Christopher putting the little ones to sleep

Who is this guy?

just sleeping

Love this smile!

Good morning mommy

I am starting to love my swing

Mom and Livi 
sleeping again

All smiles when I wake up

Love being naked!

Luv my dolly