Friday, February 3, 2012

Olivia pics at 11 weeks

Just a few pictures from the last week or so. The first one with Olivia and her cousin Harper are a few weeks old. Here Harper is a week old, and Livi is about 7 weeks. Harper is so sweet, and Olivia loves having cousins her own age :)
Everyday Livi is getting brighter, cuter, and has more personality by the minute. She definitely loves to try and play with things now, and kick her feet all the time. She also just stares at her hands trying to figure out what do with them. She is getting a lot stronger with holding her head up by herself, but still not quite there yet. Soon she'll be ready for the bumbo. Olivia is growing a lot of hair in front, and it is lightening up a little bit. She still has dark blue eyes though. We are wondering when those will change, if they do. Olivia's favorite thing is still bath time and going for rides in the car.

Cousins Olivia & Harper

Uncle Christopher putting the little ones to sleep

Who is this guy?

just sleeping

Love this smile!

Good morning mommy

I am starting to love my swing

Mom and Livi 
sleeping again

All smiles when I wake up

Love being naked!

Luv my dolly

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