Friday, January 27, 2012

Olivia is 10 weeks old today!

I can't believe she is already almost 3 months old. Livi is getting stronger and cuter every minute. She is holding her head up a little more each week, even though she hates "tummy time." She just doesn't like doing the work! haha. Livi smiles and coos every day now, and she is always telling daddy and me story after story. She loves to wiggle free on her jungle mat, and she sleeps a lot in her bouncer during the day. Her hair is growing in in front now, and has a buzz going on, while the rest of her hair on the back of her head is long and brown.
1-2 weeks old
   Last week I had to take her to a small daycare in our neighborhood while I went back to work. She is doing really well adjusting, and her nanny is great! She is very loving and sweet with our baby girl. Even though I miss her everyday, I know she is in good hands. It will take some time to get used to her not being in my arms all day, every day, but it makes me realize how lucky I am to have her. I look forward every day to picking her up and cuddling her until bedtime :)
   Meanwhile I have pictures to post, that aren't necessarily in order, but I have to put some up. I am going to try and be better about keeping up with my blogging.

4 weeks old

   At four weeks old, Olivia was still waking and eating every 2-3 hours throughout the night. I thought it would never end, and I'd never catch up on my sleep again. I was a zombie for the first month of her life. I barely showered, slept, or ate for weeks. I really never left the house either! I was too afraid to take her anywhere by myself. I seriously felt depressed too. It was really hard to stay home every day constantly be taking care of someone. I didn't think it would be so hard to adjust and be a mom. But I tried my best and now things are so much better. Thanks to Aaron, he helped so much with her and was always willing to give me the extra time in bed to sleep while he took care of her. Thanks Aaron!
  At six weeks old, Olivia started sleeping for a consecutive 6 hours a night. She would go down from about 930pm-3am. She did this for a while, and the time changed everyday, but she definitely was sleeping better. I thought it was a fluke and she'd go back to waking every few hours, but it wasn't. She continued to sleep for six hours straight for a couple of weeks.

Before church
6 weeks old

  At eight weeks she got her first shots...OMG! I have PTSD from it. I have never felt so bad in my life for someone. My baby girl was so upset and in so much pain. Her face turned purple and her eyes were bulging from her head and she was crying hard! It freaked me out. First time moms, watch out! I instantly pulled her into my arms and soothed her and rocked her. In about a minute, she stopped crying and fell asleep! We left the office with her sleeping in my arms and tears down both our cheeks...So sad.

8 weeks old

8 weeks old

Nine weeks

All smiles (9wks)

  At nine weeks: She is now smiling and cooing all the time. She gets fussy when she's hungry, and tired, but that's about it. She loves to be held and hates being transferred to anything else, but soon gets over it. She loves taking baths and watching tv with her mommy. (we love Housewives of Beverly Hills)! On the other hand, she loves when daddy gets up with her in the night to feed her and change her. She smiles and kicks when daddy's beard tickles her face after kisses. At this point she is sleeping at least 10 hours at night. It is amazing!! She always goes to sleep between 730-8pm, and wakes between 4-6am. Sometime she will sleep through the night until 6am! I think she is definitely sleeping due to growing and her brain working so hard. We are quite amazed right now at how fast she grows and changes every week. She loves her baby seahorse that sings her to sleep every night, and she LOVES THE BINKY! I know we shouldn't let her have it all the time, but we can't help it. It seriously calms her down, and brings her peace :)
 Today is her 10 week birthday. We are excited to see what new things come this week. On February 5th, daddy is giving her a blessing in our church and we are thrilled to have our families join us. My mom is coming up from Tucson to be there, and then babysit for a week! We can't wait to see her, Livi misses her. Also it will give us a chance to go out on a date! yay! We will celebrate our 3rd year anniversary too while she is here.
10 weeks!
  One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that both of my sister in laws had babies too in the past few months. So Livi has two boy cousins that are close to her age within months. Gray was born in August, and Harper was born in December. We are so excited for them to have the chance to grow up together and be pals. Love you Cindy and Amy!!
  Thanks for reading my blog, sorry it's long this time. This blog is more for a memory keeper than anything, and I hope Livi will be able to read it someday and know how much of a blessing she is to our family. Love you baby girl!

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