Monday, March 5, 2012

Olivia's Blessing

Blessing dress 12 weeks

Olivia Mae was blessed on February 5th in our ward. Aaron did such a great job with the blessing and we are so thankful to all our family who came to support us. Aaron was pretty nervous that day, but he was amazing. We had a big lunch afterwards at our house for the family and some close friends. My mom drove up to be with us too, and it was great to have her there. Olivia wore a blessing dress borrowed from her cousin Avery. It is very long and beautiful. I bought her the headband with blue flowers, just to make her even prettier. What a great day! We are so lucky to have Olivia in our lives. She has been so wonderful, and always makes us smile. Her little personality is coming out more and more each week, and she can really be a firecracker sometimes! Especially when she wants her bottle! Other than that, she has a gentle spirit and is very quiet and mild tempered.
She is almost 16 weeks old, and changing so fast. She has learned to use her hands more, and always grabbing at everything and sucking on her little fingers. She loves toys, and tv still.... She likes to hold her bottle when she eats, and your fingers when she falls asleep. She loves to lie on her back and experience the world around her, and she never lets you sit down. She always wants to be walking around in your arms.
Her favorite thing is still the bath, and now blowing spit bubbles. She will chat herself to sleep in the car seat too. We love her so much, and she is so precious, I can barely put her down. I just want to kiss her sweet cheeks every second. She loves to laugh and smile every time you look at her.

I love how cute she is when she sleeps...

15 weeks


  1. I can't STAND how cute she is! Like seriously!!!!! Do you just stare at her all day and want to take pics of her in every outfit she has? And smooch her cheeks 24-7?

  2. Thanks Angie! Yes I take pics everyday! I wish
    you were here to do a photo shoot of her!

  3. Julie!! Oh what a DOLL Olivia is!!! It was fun to get caught up on you blog! I usually don't have a whole lot of time to read blogs, but now with all the hours I spend nursing, I've been able to get some good blog reading in! :) Great job with documenting everything!!! You'll love having this later to remember how old she was when she did everything- especially to compare to a second kid! :) It sounds like she's a FABULOUS sleeper!! That's awesome! YOu definitely have to come visit whenever you guys come this direction!! I'd love to get caught up in person!!! Keep up the great blogging!! :) love you!