Friday, June 29, 2012

Olivia is 7 months old

Precious moments...

Olivia is now a little over 7 months old, and I can barely leave her for one minute. She is just so sweet that I can't stand to be away from her. I love her and her adorable little chubby cheeks. This picture was taken on Sunday right before church. Yellow is my favorite color on her. 
I really do love raspberries!
Olivia loves every kind of fruit there is so far. She loves sucking on everything. Hence the red face!

That's right, I'm adorable
These are new pj's I bought for Olivia from Baby Gap for like $6. What a deal! They have the cutest little undies/shorts that go with them.

New pj's
Love her smile! We are just hanging out on Mom's bed playing together. We just woke up and she was already laughing and smiling...Meanwhile I'm ready to go back to sleep. haha

1st walker

Sportin the new shades in the pool!
What can I say about this picture! We were at my friend's Tacy 's apartment pool . All of us got sun burned pretty bad except Olivia! thank goodness I put so much sunscreen on her. Honestly though, she didn't love the sunglasses unfortunately..

At 7 months Olivia is now always sitting up. She moves all over her crib at night, but no crawling. She still hates being on her stomach, but she's getting the idea to use her hands to push her up. She rolls over from her stomach to her back and only once the other way around. She LOVES TOYS!! I think she is so smart learning how to use them all. Her favorite toy is the fake remote control that makes all sorts of noises. She also loves banging everything together to make her music.
Her and Bael (the dog) still don't know what to do with each other...they just stare and sniff each other. Olivia is always watching him run around the house, and Bael just misses our attention. haha
It's amazing how good of a baby Olivia is. I will tell her one day when she's a teenager how she used to be so happy and content! Heavenly Father truly blessed us with this amazing daughter.

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