Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's seriously been over a year since I've posted anything. Now there's baby Ro Ro

Rowan Aaron Dalley
Born 11/08/2013 at 5:30am
7.8 lbs and 21"

Thursday I walked around Walmart for an hour. I needed to move my legs and it was too cold to take a walk outside. I kept saying to myself, "I feel like he's going to come any day now." I was still a few weeks away from my due date, but I was feeling it. I was having a hard time getting around, couldn't sleep, and very achy all the time. This pregnancy was definitely harder than my first. I was so sick for the first five months, then that went away and turned into Restless Legs and no sleep. I couldn't wait to have this baby.
At 11:15pm I went to bed. I just laid there. Immediately I started having contractions. They were about every 7 minutes or so. They weren't that bad at first. Within one hour they were back to back and killing me. I ran into the bathroom, my water broke. We called Aaron's sister to come stay at our house so we could leave Olivia home in bed. She was there in 15 minutes, and we headed for the hospital. I couldn't believe it was happening. Really happening again. We were going to have a baby boy very soon. We got to the hospital and it took about an hour to finally get an epidural. Wow what a relief. I made it. The rest would be smooth sailing. I was dialated to a 5 already, then a 7 within half an hour.  I was pretty restless for a couple hours and couldn't let the epidural just work it's magic. I wanted to move my legs and sit up. I was starting to freak out about not being able to move them. Finally I relaxed and slept in the hospital bed for about an hour. Aaron laid down on the pull out couch in the corner. He was breathing very heavily because he was so tired. My nurse was amazing. She was with me the whole time and helped me relax. I told her she could not leave her shift until I had this baby. She had to be there with my until the end! So she checked me. I was dialated to about a 10 so she called the doctor in to get started. I'm in labor. Poof it's over. One push, his head came out. Two pushes he was out! I couldn't believe how easy it was. I felt immediate relief of not being pregnant anymore. I was thrilled to not be pregnant one more second :) Rowan was breathing really fast so I laid him on my chest to warm him and calm him down. He was so sweet and handsome. He soon calmed down and was whisked from my arms to go get cleaned up. Meanwhile, I'm getting sewn up a little and my nurse and I are playing with my placenta. Literally. We picked it up and put it in a pan and she went over the whole organ with me showing me what it's all about. I loved it! It was so gross and weird, but yet it was the womb that carried my baby all those months and protected him. Don't judge. Then I got moved into my room to relax. I immediatley started texting and calling everyone at 6 in the morning to let them all know we had our baby. Our family could not believe it. He was 3 weeks early! My mom cried. The hospital stay was very nice and easy. I felt completely different than I did with Olivia. I was in so much pain afterwards with her, I wanted to die. With Rowan, I felt great. I couldn't believe it. I was ready to leave the hospital as soon as I could. Aaron stayed with me both nights, while Grandma Mary brought Olivia over each day to see us and baby Ro Ro. She was indifferent at first. Well for the first few days anyways. Now she loves him to death and is always helping with him.
I am so thankful for this little guy and cannot wait to watch him grow up.

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