Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So Sarah and I decided to be brave and see a migdnight showing of the new Twilight series, Eclipse! Our movie started at 1230am....we arrived at the theatre at 1030pm!! We waited in line for two hours with lots of other women waiting for our show. There were about seven theatres playing Eclipse and all the lines were out the door and around the building. We couldn't not believe how insanely popular these movies have been. Every girl there was wearing swag and couldn't stop giggling throughout the whole movie. People would cheer and yell everytime Jacob came on the screen! Especially because he was always without his shirt... :) ha ha. But I am an honest Team Edward player. I love the vamps way more than anything. The Cullen family is so amazing and I love all of the characters. One came from the show O.C. which I watched for years! Esme is from Grey's Anatomy, my other all time favorite. The list goes on and on. Jasper by far is the coolest vampire in the family and so dang cool!
The movie overall was so good!!!!!! It is by far the best one made yet of the series. I bet it will top all four films. It had love, passion, fighting, humor, dialogue, vamp killings, and way more story that ties everything together. I pretty much loved it. There were only two things I thought that were lacking. Bella's hair was not that great throughout the movie. It was driving me crazy. The other part I didn't love was the new actress for Victoria. I love her in other movies, but not as Victoria...she was less dramatic than she should have been and not as mean. :) But all in all, the movie was awesome! Thanks to Stephanie Meyers!!!ha ha and thanks to Sarah for staying out with me until 3am!!

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  1. I went and saw it and I loved it!!! But I dont think that we can be friends because i am SO TEAM JACOB!!! lol