Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer's almost here, and the sprinklers aren't working yet!!

So we've only been in the house for a few weeks, and the list of things that need doing just seems to get bigger. One in particular that keeps looming as the weather warms up is the sprinklers. There's at least two that need to be replaced (chopped off by the lawn mower last year), and the dog chewed up a section of funny pipe that waters the trees. So hopefully this Saturday we can get it up and running. It seems like every Saturday for the foreseeable future will be consumed with yard work... lame.

We're hoping to take some trips in May, but we're still deciding if it's a possibility. We want to go to Albuquerque to visit our new nephew Sterling and his parents, but we also want to go to Parowan for my Grandpa's 94th Birthday. Hopefully we can make it to both!

I just started a new job as the Internet Marketing Manager for a company called Invaluable, Inc. out of Lehi, UT. I'm excited to be trying something new and it seems like there is a lot of potential with the company, so that's a plus.

Julie and I are excited for the summer and hope to take some camping trips here soon!

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