Monday, April 12, 2010

Moved and still unpacking

This weekend was long and tiresome. We had so much to unpack and organize....I did most of it on Thursday and Friday with some help from my friend Sarah. I wanted to thank everyone that helped move us on Wednesday. All the guys did so much, and it saved us a lot of time. My in-laws brought over a great dinner for everyone and supported us through the night. It was a great time. I am going to miss Springville and the fact that it's just not Provo. I loved our condo and the newness of it, but we are grateful for the renters that have moved into it. The condo was our first place together, which holds sentimental value for me.
Hopefully someday we can move into a place that we both picked out and love together. So far I keep moving into "Aaron's homes" that he bought before we got married! Who knows what time will bring us. Meanwhile we are going to try to renovate the old house into something more updated and modern. Hopefully it won't put us under completely :) I have already started picking out the paint colors and bathroom renovation ideas. If they all work out, then it will be a blast to get them done.
Next thing on my list to do is also the yard maintenance. I don't normally like yard we'll see how far this goes. I want to plant and grow things, and save energy everywhere I can. But it's funny that to save energy, you have to spend more money!!!
Has anyone ever built a rain water catcher? I wish it rained here more, so I can do that. It's a great idea to save water on the yard...Well Summer is almost here!!!! and everyone leaves school and town for a couple months, and the traffic dies a little too. So nice...

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