Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well we never post anything on our blog!! Why is that? I think it's because we don't feel like we have much to share with everyone. We live pretty uneventful lives :)

So far this year has been pretty good. Aaron bought me a Wii, which I love! I love Super Mario Brothers, and we have already beat the game! Shows how much we stay at home.... We also finally bought me a car! And I do love it. Its an older Land Rover Discovery. It totally fits me and my style. I love it like I loved the 4Runner. Totally beefy, yet stylish. And it handles great in the snow. Which is what I need with my job.

So we have a niece and a nephew on the way. They will both be born in April!! So exciting to have little babies around us again. My niece Skylar is still in the NICU in Tucson, but is getting so big and strong. She loves being held and posing for pictures. It will be a relief when she finally gets to go home to Jourdan and Ryan.

Meanwhile Atlas is getting huge...He is up to 70lbs now. He bullies our other dog and us too!! He always wants to be where you are and then he'll try to snuggle up with you on the couch. But he is too heavy to lay on me!! It is pretty funny though. We like to call him our little pig, because he is so loud with his snorting and snoring all day long.

Aaron and I are also trying to rent our condo so that we can move into our Provo house. We want to fix it up and sell it in the next couple years. So if anyone knows anyone that needs a condo to rent, please, please let us know!

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