Friday, March 19, 2010

Back to provo land again...and new haircut!

Well we were able to rent out our condo in Springville! Which is great so we can move into our other home with more space. We are hesitant about moving back to provo, because we do like Springville a lot. But the only way for us to move on is to get into the provo house, fix it up and renovate it as much as we can afford :) and then eventually sell it!

Our dogs are going to love the spacious backyard and all their new freedom to run and play. Unfortunately Atlas will probably just destroy the yard because he eats everything in sight! Oh well, one step at a time.

We went and saw Remember Me last night with Edward from Twilight. It was really good. It has a twist that you never see coming right until the end of the movie. It changed my whole view on the movie. Also I noticed that Eclipse trailer is out and the movie will be here in June!! I am so excited to see it, and am hoping it's better than the last one.

Lastly I decided that I wanted to cut my hair off. It's so long and I am tired of having it take so much time to do. So I went to my trusted hair girl and friend and she did exactly what I wanted and needed. I did decide not to go as short as I first wanted to go. We will try it at a medium length and go from there!


  1. Julie, your hair is SO great! I will be using your pic at my next appt!!! Your dog is cute resting his head on the coffee table!

  2. VERY cute Julie! I need a haircut so bad. Great inspiration!