Monday, July 11, 2011

Del Mar, California

We finally took a vacation! We had a whole week on the sandy beaches of California. Both of my sisters and their husbands drove up and met us there. We stayed in a great condo just steps from the beach. The water was really cold, but the weather was perfect. I got a great tan! Everyone else but me, got in the ocean every day and played, but I was too sissy and couldn't get in. The water was too cold for me! We went shopping downtown in San Diego and hit up Seaport Village too. There were lots of boats at the harbor and tons of great food. I didn't get a lot of pictures from this trip so I'm counting on my sisters to send me some!
We went to Carlsbad for a day and stayed on their beaches. I really wanted to go there because this is where my family spent a lot of time at in the summer growing up. I noticed though it's gotten a lot busier these days with people. We laid out in the sand and had lunch, then we packed up and went back to our beach by the condo. Jessica and I saw dolphins twice swimming around in the ocean. Thank fully no sharks! I have a deathly fear of sharks, which is also another reason I had a hard time getting in the water...Lame I know.

This is pretty much all I did every day...Loved this $15 purchase for a lounge chair

First attempt at the new boogie board. It was so fun to watch him get eaten by the waves! but in the end he got the hang of it, and he looked like a pro!

One day we all walked to the San Diego County Fair. It was a crazy place with tons of rides and good food. All the boys rode some rides, but I couldn't unfortunately. But I'm pretty sure we blew a lot of money at the place! No one even won a prize...but we did get lost trying to leave the fair that literally took us on a 3 mile trek out of the way, and then back to where we started. I was dying by the end, because I wore flip flops and I'm prego..I was sick all night afterwards and couldn't get out of bed. It was so crazy. Here are couple of fun photos.
Aaron took the lead right from the start! So funny!

This ride was making me sick just to watch it! Go Ryan and Aaron!

Thanks to my sisters and their husbands for coming to Cali with us. We hope to do it again soon! Love you guys! Next time Hawaii!!

My amazing and beautiful sisters!

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Jess and I cruising Del Mar

Solana Beach

Trying to figure out which wave to ride

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