Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mom's Surprise 60th Birthday in Tucson

Last weekend my family threw my mom a big surprise birthday party for her 60th birthday. Everyone drove down for the weekend to celebrate on December 3rd. Both my mom's sisters and brother came from Colorado. Josh, Natalie, and their son Sterling came down from Albuquerque. Aaron and I came from Utah, and the rest of the family from Tucson. She had no idea that we'd been planning this for months. She started crying when we all kept jumping out to surprise her at the party. She was so thrilled to see everyone, especially her siblings and her grand kids. We had dinner at HiFalutin with lots of cupcakes and goodies. Jessica and I made delicious carrot cake cupcakes and chocolate mint cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Here are a few photos from the weekend. Love you Mom!!!

STERLING at 8 months!

Mom's pictures from when she was in high school and college

Me, Mom, Aunt Devonne, Aunt Rebecca, and Skylar

My adorable husband

Skylar and me

Love my parents back yard

Jess looking for a DP

Sky and Daddy

Jess, Jourdan, mom, Sky, and Brittany Dean hiking in Sabino Canyon. It was so hot!!

After church

Gearing up for the hike with her VOSS water

Sabino Canyon

Saquaros is Sabino Canyon

Mommy and Sky

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  1. very fun! happy birthday to your mom, and ps, I miss you!