Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maternity/Baby shower

On September 3rd, my family came up and put on a fun baby shower for Aaron and I. We wanted to do a co-ed get together so that all our family and some friends could celebrate with us. My sister in law, Cindy, graciously let us use her home for our party. The BBQ was a hit! We had so much fun being with both of our families and friends. Thank you to everyone who traveled up or down to be a part of it. Aaron and I really appreciated everything. Our baby girl is so lucky to be loved by so many already. I wanted to post just a few of the pictures from the BBQ because my sisters and my mom made the greatest owl decorations ever! They spent so much time on these adorable decorations that I have to share. We went with a sort of rustic owl themed BBQ using my nursery colors which are peach, grey, and some pink. Thanks to my sisters and mom for all of their help and creativity! One of my favorite parts of the showers were the orange and pink glass soda bottles that we used for drinks. Then we added spiral straws to go with them. We also made adorable owl cupcakes...! What a hoot!

Natalie and her son Sterling. and Jon my brother in law


The only picture of Aaron and I at the shower, and it's not a great one..
Thanks to everyone for being there, and making our day special. We love you guys!


  1. Love the decorations! And Skylar's shirt was perfect! Good luck to you...I can't believe you only have 27 more days!

  2. What an adorable shower- and such a great idea!! You look fabulous Julie! I want to see a belly profile shot though- those are the best! I'm SO excited for you and can't wait to see pics of your new baby girl. You getting nervous for the whole labor thing yet?? Please tell me you're planning on getting an epidural! If so, it'll be a piece of cake!! :) Can't wait to hear all the details- you will be posting the birth story right?!? Best of luck these next couple weeks (or should I say DAYS!!!). Crazy that you're so close!!

  3. FUN! Glad you had a good time and I LOVE the decs!