Monday, June 20, 2011

Where have I been??

So it has been at least six months since I have posted anything on my blog...I feel like a total loser, haha. The problem is we never take any photos!!Hopefully soon that will all change. Summer is finally (here most of the time)and we really need to be getting out more.
Next week we are going on a vacation to Del Mar,CA, and we can't wait! We got a condo on the beach with my sisters and their hubbies. Aaron and I desperately need this vacation with everything in our lives about to change, we thought we deserved one last break.
After this trip, on Labor day all of my family is coming to Utah! We have never gathered together in Utah, so I hope everyone has a good time here. I'll get to see my nieces and nephews from Tucson and New Mexico!! We are so excited.
After that trip we will just be waiting for our little one to arrive. This experience has been a blast and Aaron is so supportive and caring towards all my little complaints. We are throwing around lots of ideas for the nursery and names too. We probably won't decide on one until the day of, but that's ok with us.
Next time I post, I will be sure to put up some new pictures of everything. Thanks to all those who follow this lame blogger... :)

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