Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday time again!

I had to blog a little about my birthday this year:

I woke up super early to take Sarah to the airport....yay! She spent the night at our house on the way to Oklahoma. We enjoyed a fun dinner together and I loved her gift. Perfume, Aveda oils, and a great shirt. I then worked all day, and my boss bought me delicious cupcakes and a spa treatment at sundance. I seriously can't wait to use it! MASSAGE here I come!! If there was one thing in the world that I could have, it would be a personal masseuse that was waiting for me everyday to rub my back :) Love them.

Then I finally got to go home after work and Aaron was there waiting for me. He decorated my room! It was pretty awesome. I got a great vase of fall flowers, candy, and a brand new, latest edition KINDLE! Aaron does me so right. He really knows me so well. I love to read, and this will save on money, time, storage space, hassle, and it is so light and cool. Thanks Aaron!!

Then I got to open my other gifts from my family. Lots of fun stuff. I loved it all!!!! Thank you so much again!! I will post more pics later...but needless to say I got to go shopping at one of my favorite stores!

Then Aaron and I drove up to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It's one of our favorite places and we get the same thing every time. But we can't go wrong with it. Appetizer: Roasted garlic artichoke. Entree: Chicken Madeira. It's the best thing ever. It comes with asparagus, which is my favorite. We drove home after that and wanted to do something, but we were both exhausted from our killer week, that we wrapped it up and went to bed. It was great though. I again cannot complain...
The next night the Shepherds and Dalleys went to Pizza Factory with us to celebrate again. They are so amazing as usual!! They gave me some awesome cake decorating items, and a cupcake holder.  I loved them and used them that night to finish my friends cake, which I will post about later. Thank you so much girls! And thank you to Mary for dinner and dessert. Love you all!!

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